Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Last Sunday , 16'01'11 .
Celebrating boyfriend's early birthday which is on th 18th .
Train-ed to meet boyfriend and he fetched me and
yy to thomsam plaza for breakfast as i am collecting
his birthday cake there .
Went to swensen to take cookies & cream ice cream cake ...
it dun look that small like how i think it was . Done with
the payment and had kfc for breakfast .
Went back to boyfriend house .
Awhile later boyfriend , his mum , yy and i headed to ion .
His mum went to shop while we headed for coffee bean .
i prefer starbucks to coffee bean !
After that went to change the shirt which i bought for him
as it was too short for him . Luckily there's still size , get it
changed and went to meet up with his mum . Then headed
to square 2 for him mum shopping and we went to walk around .
There's long queue for Hebe !
His brother & his brother girlfriend came at 6 plus to meet us
for dinner @ some bbq restaurants . Had beef and pork ,
its delicious ! After that back to boyfriend's house to cut cake .
Played few packets of sparkle and he drove me home .

First time ♥ cut cake , hope that he have enjoyed himself & he'll
always remember this first time of his .

Thanks my hl & c for accompanying me to ion , searching for his
gift . It may not be the best gift but i've done what i can .

Tuesday, January 04, 2011
Christmas eve boyfriend booked duck tour .
When we're on the way , damn it , it rain so canceled
our booking and headed to bugis to wait for his mum instead .
The mum came with his lilttle brother and waipo .
As its waipo's birthday too .
Had sakae sushi for dinner and headed to his home .
12 plus there's like something going on ...
i leave with a super broken heart .
First time ♥ treated me so cold ... in fact is i hurt him ...
but my pain is double his .
On call cab but its freaking long so i took another cab and
reached home that cost $25 . i know its a little bastard that
i didn't all call the cab but i'm so freaked out already .
The taxi driver was damn nice , think he pity me so shag .
Home-ed before 1 and sleep at 3am ++ .
Wake up couldn't contact him at all as his lousy room has no
reception ... so have to call up the mother .
i was so afraid that he's mad at me still .
Finally phoned with him , everything still don't seems right .
i know the answer would be no but i purposely made him say .
After a long message i think somehow he understand so i train-ed
down and he came fetch me . BBQ at his house and watched my tv .
Boyfriend sent me back home that night (:
Last Sunday , 02'01'10 , BBQ at boyfriend house again as there's
still a lot of satay left . Played sparkles at night 2 big packet ...
place 10 stick at the tree and light it up omgodd .
Stomachache and boyfriend send me home .

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Morning train-ed to sp boyfriend came fetched .
Headed for prata house near his house , its delicious .
Its still early so we went nearby to look at luxury car .
After that headed to his house slack .
ipad got a similar game as jubeat , fun fun .
Boyfriend fetched his little brother and me to j8 .
After that to orchard search quite some time for the counter .
His parents came and bought the hippobus ticket for 8:15pm .
Thought it was just a normal bus , but its not ...
a special one with windy wind and yr loved ones , wonderful .
Took some pictures w boyfriend upload tml maybe .
Talk a lot with him yesterday 22th hope he understand (: .
i'm worried for sat omgod !

Friday, December 17, 2010
Nowadays working with dad so quite busy .
Last Sunday , 12'12'10 train-ed to meet boyfriend .
Drive through as usual and headed to his house .
Ate MacDonald & his mum fetched us to indoor stadium .
Watched walking with dinosaur , ROAR .
Poor 600 bucks just for that 1hr 45mins ._.
The potato chips was special !
After the show , we headed to the shopping center beside it .
Had Thai Village Restaurant for lunch ...
the workers there keep looking at yy's dinosaur lol .
After that headed to far east and taka .
Had Coca for dinner , yummy !
After that went to valet and back to boyfriend's house .
Boyfriend drove to jp , bought bakerzin and fetched me home (: !
Pictures will be uploaded when im free .

Sunday, December 05, 2010
Wake up at 9am today !
Prepared and boyfriend came fetched .
Headed to jp for jubeat and bought some breads
for our breakfast kindda bored of mac and others .
Boyfriend drove to the new shopping centre ...
he's clever as he managed to find his way there .
The carpark damn full so we cut people's queue :p
Its freaking big inside but looks like nothing much to buy .
His brother came find us as his wallet is in the car .
Both of them went to cut and another one dye hair .
After that , boyfriend and i went to walk around while
waiting for his brother like 2 hr ?
Legs were like jelly ._.
Wanted to do fish spa but can't .
After that boyfriend drove us to ochard area .
& to plaza sing .
Leave there at 7 plus , and back to jp .
Had dian xiao er for dinner and boyfriend walked me home .
Dino next wk ? (:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
Went Jp yesterday to get my stuff .
The person talk till i bought 1 more mask from her .
But the effect is good :D
Headed to toastbox to find mummy ...
we're in the rush so no time to buy my shoes .
Daddy came and fetched us home .
Train-ed with them t bugis to ahyi's shop .
Around 7 plus uncle drove us for dinner !
After that all headed to my house .
Jiuhui laugh like crazy ~ !
At night watched labixiaoxin !
i like it (:
Cannot stand it anymore so went to sleep first :D
Later on going imm with ahyis , mum & co's :D

Monday, November 29, 2010
Yesterday , 28'11'10 , was boyfriend's dad birthday !
Train-ed to meet boyfriend and we headed to sp fairprice .
Bought some tibits and sweets .
After that went to drive through and headed hm .
Went to fetch his brother after work and we headed to
turf city . While waiting for boyfriend's parents ,
we went to see some second hand car . His face like small
boy , but there's 4-5 ppl asking him if he's looking for a car lol .
Saw the old old ferrari ._.
Went to eat owen seafood .
After dinner , sang birthday song & ate the cake bought buy
his brother . So damn full after finished everything .
Boyfriend fetched me home after that (:
Today , 29'11'10 , went to work with dad :D
i miss my boy but he's not home yet !


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